[mythtv-users] Pundit - which Linux dist., how about 2 PVRs?

Blues Guy bluesguy_1 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 6 19:12:30 EST 2004

> I know, that the case has to be mechanically tweaked
> a bit for them, but 
> does it get too hot in there with 2 PVR cards (1x
> 250, 1x 350)?

I'm running a 250 and a 350 in a Pundit, and it does
get quite warm.  The case is close to what I would
call hot near the power supply; I opened it up once
and even the 200GB 7200RPM Western Digital was hot...
good thing for the 3 year warranty, I might need it.

Fitting them in isn't too bad, a little tin snip and
some bending, but when you're done, you can't even
tell anything was done to the case...

Works like a charm with the 0.1.9 ivtv drivers and
Myth .14!


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