[mythtv-users] The return of the $20 80GB hard drive

Jarod C. Wilson jcw at wilsonet.com
Fri Feb 6 18:17:40 EST 2004

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On Friday 06 February 2004 14:36, Nate Carlson wrote:
> On Fri, 6 Feb 2004, Jarod C. Wilson wrote:
> > I should note that I'm also somewhat picky about what I buy. I try to
> > avoid the low(er) end stuff that only has the 1-year warranty now. My
> > current 250 is a Western Digital w/the 8MB cache, purchased for $200,
> > with $80 in mail-in rebates. Actually getting six more is wishful
> > thinking at the moment, unless I have a REALLY good month of consulting
> > projects... (I work a full-timer and do misc consulting work on the
> > side). However, I think five 250s might be sufficient... ;-)
> Just a note, I've been very happy with Samsung's drives - they still carry
> a standard 3-year warranty, and are nearly silent in my experience. I've
> got a couple 80gb's, a 160gb 2mb drive (that's my MythTV drive right now),
> and a 160gb 8mb SATA drive for my workstation.

Oh, I've got a few 80GB Samsung drives that I'm perfectly happy with, but...

> At $103 retail (NewEgg) for a 160gb/2mb drive (or $118 for the 8mb) with a
> 3 year warranty, no rebates or anything, how far wrong can you go? :)
> I just wish they'd make something larger than 160gb.. ah well!

...there's the big problem. They don't make 'em big enough (yet) to be worth 
the space in my server case.

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Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE

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