[mythtv-users] Video seen using the Composite0 not Television Video Source.

Bruce mythtv at bruce.homelinux.com
Thu Feb 5 23:37:40 EST 2004

I have a strange problem.

First off I have a working pinnacle pci card installed and working fine.

I am trying to add a second TV capture card.
It is a leadtek 2000 wintv deluxe card.
When I go to view the channels in xawtv I can only see video if I switch
to the "composite0" Video source.
When I change channels, xawtv defaults the setting back to 'Television",
but I see nothing but a blue screen.
When I manually change the video source to Composite0 I see the channle
that I changed to .

Any ideas on what could cause this? Very strange.


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