[mythtv-users] New entry :-)

Franco net.surfer at tiscali.it
Thu Feb 5 17:32:44 EST 2004

Hello People,

I just subscribed to this list.

Actually I am new to all this stuff; about one month ago
I decided to make my home theather system and after
comparing some prices and specs, I realized that
cost/quality, etc. etc., was much better using a PC
(you all already know this). So I decided to go for it.

After some searching on the internet I discovered 
that other people already had the same thought,
that this concept was called HTPC, and that
there were even companies producing HTPC cases. Cool.

Later I found out that there was people working on
an even better concept: "Linux HTPC", and finally, MythTV.

Now, I have really lots of questions, about MythTV and HTPC
in general... hope you can give me some suggestions! :-)


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