[mythtv-users] Consequences of splitting cable input for multipletuners

Tim Gray timgray.geo at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 5 10:42:37 EST 2004

I strongly suggest if you have acable modem or digital
box to have them on a 3 way splitter first, then put
an  amplified splitter after those devices for the
rest of the house/items.  

reason being is that the cable modem and digital/hd
box is a two way device and needs to be able to talk
back to the cable company while everything else could
care less..

Yes, you can buy a two way amplifier and splitter, but
they cost 3-5 times more than a high end one way

although the greates degradation of signal comes from
cable runs connected to a splitter (or open splitter
ports) that do not have something connected to them.
anything open MUST have a terminator installed for
best reception.

I personally use attenuators (and DC block's) on all
my tv's vcr's mythtv devices to reduce the signal to
normal levels.  over driving your devices also can
degrade a signal.

BTW, I work for the cable company (IT guy), I have
access to CATV engineers and their reccomendations.

--- Brian_Meehan at Nexpress.com wrote:
> I'm on Time Warner cable here in Rochester, NY. I
> live in a newer
> development with a pretty good incoming signal to
> start. The line comes in
> and is immediately split:
>               Cable Modem
> Incoming ->                               Powered 8
> way splitter --> 8
> Panasonic VCRs
>               Regal 2 way splitter --->
>                                           Powered 4
> way splitter -->
> Scientific Atlanta 3210 Cable Box
>                 Myth
> Tuner 1
>                 Myth
> Tuner 3
> If there is a loose connection, the signal
> degradation is immediately
> noticeable, but apart from that, it looks just as
> good as if I'd had a TV
> hooked up directly to the incoming feed.
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