[mythtv-users] Questionable capture quality from a PVR-250

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Wed Feb 4 17:28:30 EST 2004

brentfisher at shaw.ca wrote:

>1. Is it actually possible to get captured video with a PVR-250 that rivals/exceeds the output from my TV's tuner?
On both my Wega and my Sony rear projection I get quality that's just as 
good as a straight feed from my DirecTV box.

>4. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can improve my captures?
Check the dnr settings for your card for one. 
You also want to check what bit rate you're capturing at. 
You also might want to play with your video controls (sharpness etc).
Oh and your cables as well...

Just off the top of my head.

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