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steve at nexusuk.org steve at nexusuk.org
Wed Feb 4 08:51:53 EST 2004

On Wed, 4 Feb 2004, Paul Woodward wrote:

> > Should the hard disk have 7200 rpm?
> That depends how much you want to do at once. Remember that when 
> watching live TV it is buffered to the HD so that's a read and a write 
> stream, so any additional recordings you make concurrently must also 
> access the HD. I would suggest it, although watch out because they 
> generate a lot of heat and generally you want to keep fans to a minmum 
> in a HTPC. I have 3x 7200's and I'm going to have to shift them to a 
> new box because of the heat.

I'm unsure if 7200rpm drives are actually needed - I use a 7200rpm drive, 
but when you actually add up the datarates of everything, it doesn't 
actually add up to a huge number (lets say you record at 6Mbps, 2 
recorders and 1 player at the same time come to only 18Mbps)..  Similarly 
I wouldn't expect seek times to have much impact...  avoiding the use of 
7200rpm drives would reduce heat a noise quite considerably.

BTW, does anyone know where I can get rubber drive mounts?

> I use ext3, but I've heard good things about reiser - I'll let someone 
> more knowledgeable answer.

We've used reiserfs on the servers we sell at work (nothing myth related) 
and have had some minor issues with corruption sometimes if the box is 
powered off without cleanly unmounting (the contents of one file appearing 
inside another file, etc).  No real experience of ext3 under similar 
conditions, but remember that your average customer puts a server through 
a hell of a lot of abuse so it's not that supprising we've had some 
problems with the FS :)


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