[mythtv-users] Theme Editor available for download

Tobias Luetke tobi at neech.de
Wed Feb 4 02:09:54 EST 2004

Tony Maro wrote:

> Wow, not bad for two days work.
> Still a lot I want to do to it, but it works, and I've created a Lord of 
> the Rings theme with it as a proof of concept.  Both are available at:
> http://tony.maro.net/mod.php?mod=downloads&op=showcat&id=3&level=1
> It's GPL.  Sources and pre-built binary are available.  Requires GTK.
> It will NOT create a theme from scratch - but you can open an already 
> existing theme and modify to your heart's content.
> -Tony Maro

This is great ! Thank you very much.

Now if i only could find raw material to port tivo's theme to myth :P

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