[mythtv-users] RE: Photos of myth boxes

Scott Pouliot spouliot at scpsoftware.net
Tue Feb 3 00:20:43 EST 2004

Beats my Myth Setup at the moment.  I'm running it on an old Dell 17" CRT
;-)  My 36" RCA TV in the living room is still running off TiVo.  Waiting
for my remote to come in.....as well as a video card with TV-Out...then I
get to test it for real.  I'll run TiVo and Myth side-by-side in the living
room and see what happens.

Once I get my Windows App done...I'll be able to watch the recording up in
my office (3 floors up dammit!) as well.


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On Feb 2, 2004, at 07:12, Scott Pouliot wrote:

> Damn Jarod....sweet setup!

Yeah, it does okay. ;-p

My favorite is still MythVideo to access my movie library, most of which is
divx w/embedded ac3 audio, feeding raw ac3 to the Yamaha amp for full-out
dd5.1 decoding. I went to a movie theater for the first time in ages a week
or two ago. My sound system is better (okay, it wasn't the greatest theater,
but still), and my couch is way more comfortable. The theater only beats me
out on picture size, but I like watching my TV better than craning my neck
at the theater screen (we had sorta crappy seats). Both my wife and I prefer
to just watch movies at home. ;-)

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> From: Jarod C. Wilson
> Might as well get in on this one as well...
> http://wilsonet.com/mythtv/mymyth.jpg
> (No, the floor isn't slanted, my photography skills just suck).

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE

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