[mythtv-users] Remote key 'overloading'

Graham W. Mitchell gmitch at woodlea.com
Mon Feb 2 21:30:36 EST 2004

Back in action again..... rpm -e bttv and bbt-kmdl... a reboot, and all
is well - all be it with only 1 card....

What's the safest/sanest version of bttv to run with a PVR250 in the box
as well....?

I'll have a look at the key bindings tomorrow..


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Thanks to you both for the info..... I'm going to have to wait a bit to
try it, as I just upgraded to 0.14 tonight, and my myth box blew
up....:( Some problem it looks like with the ivtv and bttv drivers... I
think I'm going to kill off the bttv ones if I can get the box booted
that far....


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>On Feb 1, 2004, at 2:38 PM, Graham W. Mitchell wrote:
>>How do you (can you) enable key overloading on remotes...?
>You have to use MythWeb, which has exactly what you're looking for 
>somewhere in there...
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Or use MySQL to change the database directly.  There was
a prior post giving the name of the table.  Not sure, but I
think it had "key" in its name ("keybindings"?).

It's fairly trivial to update the field with the key binding
directly.  Each key for each "mode" of Myth (TV, video,
DVD, music, etc.) has entries for each function and a list of
key mappings for the function.  You can enter multiple
mappings for each function and can map the same keys to
different functions in each "mode" (though only one function
in the same "mode").

Try doing a desc on the table and then select some entries
and it should be immediately clear.

-- Harry O.

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