[mythtv-users] Xbox frontend and .14

Dennis Cartier pvr at trigger.net
Mon Feb 2 16:26:32 EST 2004

Ken J. Davis wrote:

> Until a .14 update is released, can I update my backend machine to .14 and
> still use my .13 based Xbox frontend?(currently using Dennis' Xbox
> frontend stuff)

I have 0.14 up on eMule. Consider it a bleeding edge beta. It has never 
even seen the inside of an xbox yet, so it may not be too good idea 
except for early adopters. I built it from remote today and will not be 
home until later tonight. Those of you who want to help test it ...

Search for "mythtv-0.14.progfs.tar.bz2" and you should find me on eMule.


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