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Jason Schloer schloer.jason at tangoinc.com
Mon Feb 2 11:43:51 EST 2004

Awesome, can't wait to try it out when it's done. Keep iup the good work.
-Jason Schloer

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For those of you (like me) who can't stand hand-editing XML files, I'm 
working on a graphical theme editor.

It's still early Alpha stage, but what do you expect considering it's 
only about 6 hours of work.

Here's two screenshots, showing the PurpleGalaxy theme data loaded in 
the editor:


Initially it will handle just the "theme.xml" file, but there will 
quickly be support for the "ui.xml" file with any luck.

Once I get this done, I suspect we'll see a rash of Anime themes come 
out...  Isn't that the way it works with anything supporting themes? ;-)

-Tony Maro

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