[mythtv-users] RE: Photos of myth boxes

Richie Jarvis richie at helkit.com
Mon Feb 2 04:46:36 EST 2004

Jarod C. Wilson wrote:

> Might as well get in on this one as well...
> http://wilsonet.com/mythtv/mymyth.jpg
> (No, the floor isn't slanted, my photography skills just suck).

Just a Q Jarod - how on earth did u persuade your significant other to 
put up with an Audio-visual system like that???  Mine positively hates 
the 32" widescreen TV I brought - says it 'dominates the room' :(
And she made me dispose of my speaker stacks - I now have little baby 
speakers.  She also constantly complains about the wiring as well.....

Still - I managed to get a MythTV box into the lounge now (in the guise 
of an Xbox) - it used to be consigned to the loft! 

Will post some pics of my setup soon...



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