[mythtv-users] strange interference with bttv card

Gert van der Knokke gertk at xs4all.nl
Sun Feb 1 15:53:41 EST 2004


Anyone else having this annoying interference with (noname) bttv card?
I bought 2 of these cards (called TV-Capturer) with BT878A chips and 
have placed one of them in my myth backend server (Dual PIII 550) and 
one in a frontend system (Intel Dotstation) and both show the same 
interference when viewing and/or recording TV (that is: only on the UHF 
band, VHF is fine) there is on quite a few channels some serious 
Broad horizontal white bands where the picture loses horizontal sync. 
First I thought it might be the computer (tested it first in the Intel 
machine) but after placing the other card in the myth backend server it 
behaved in the same way.

The second front-end machine I set up (Asus Pundit) got a Pixelview card 
in it, and looks almost the same as the TV-Capturer card but doesn't 
have this problem.

Should I ditch these 'cheap' cards or might it be a module problem ?
I tried almost every sensible combination of tuner and card numbers but  
to no avail. (tuner=5 and card=36 seems to work best, including working 
IR support in the Intel machine, the backend needs no IR..)
I'm thinking of putting in PVR250(s) in the backend server but until 
then, I'd like to experiment with these cards to get the setup right.

Anyhow I think the whole MythTV system is very promising!
What's missing is some simple step by step information how to setup a 
'backend only' system.


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