[mythtv-users] Multiple Recording Directories

Jason Knisley knisleyjw at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 31 22:47:09 UTC 2004


   I've searched through the past six months worth of
old messages and haven't really found a satisfactory
answer on the issue of multiple recording directories
(or at least multiple places that "Watch recordings"
looks for recorded files). I'd like some way of using
multiple directories for MythTV recordings or finding
some way of fooling the machine into seeing both
   Many people suggest using LVM, but I'm using a
small SCSI array for recording (better record for
multiple tuners and faster transcode) and I'd like to,
once everything is nicely recorded and transcoded,
move the files over to either a Samba share or a large
ATAPI disk. If I used LVM, it would seem to defeat the
purpose of having the SCSI array and, quite frankly, I
just can't afford 500gb worth of Ultra-3 or Ultra160
drives. I could just record to the Samba share, but
three streams from a PVR-250 to a Samba share would
probably do more than completely saturate the
connection to my file server.
   I've heard "mount overlay" mentioned in one of the
posts, but mount overlay, at least used in the obvious
ways, covers up the underlying filesystem, which would
do me no good since both have to be visible. I had
initially hoped, when I saw the post, that "mount
overlay" would mean that it displayed the join of the
two filesystems and wrote to the last one mounted. In
that case, I could've mounted the first-mounted
filesystem elesewhere and copied things after
transcoding to the first-mounted-filesystem-only mount
   I also saw someone suggest using Symlinks, which
seems a wee bit tedious and I'm not sure how delete
would work without some manual job to see if the
symlink is no longer present.

   Does anyone have any suggestions for either fooling
MythTV into checking another file system or displaying
the join of two file systems, with the write being to
the last one mounted? LVM defeats the purpose of using
SCSI with an array controller and I really want to be
able to move my videos to another place.

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