[mythtv-users] USB to Serial Adapter with LIRC

Drew Zerdecki dzerdecki at gmail.com
Fri Dec 31 21:58:58 UTC 2004

Unfortunately I just bought a motherboard with only 2 PCI slots and one 
serial connector-- both of which will have PVR's in them.  While I can 
likely add wireless networking through USB or Access Points, serial 
ports are more difficult I think.  Basically I plan on using the PVR-350 
to receiver IR commands from my remote and additionally use LIRC to 
control DirecTV receivers through serial cable control.

Because I won't have an available PCI slot for a serial port card, can I 
use a usb to serial device with Linux/LIRC support so that at least one 
of the directv boxes can be controlled through this usb adapter?  If so, 
what kind of USB to Serial adapters should I purchase?  Any additionally 
Linux drivers necessary?

Thanks for the assistance.


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