[mythtv-users] prebuffering pause

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Dec 31 19:14:44 UTC 2004

On 12/31/2004 12:54 PM, Bodo Bauer wrote:

>"mail.com" <mikechoy at mail.com> said: 
>>Probably along the right line.
>>I had a similar performance problem that was due to the system using
>>software based sound
>>rather that the hardware based sound. Check that your sound system is
>>doing the right thing
>>by playing some music (cd etc) and watching the CPU percentage.
>Thanks for the tip, but that's not it I'm afraid. Playing CDs takes less than
>1% CPU load and works just perfect.
"That's not it, I tested by installing my friend's SoundBlaster Live," 
or, "That's not it, I refuse to even test it, so other people should 
keep sending me suggestions even though I may later find out that the 
two people with prior experience were right?" ;)


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