[mythtv-users] Crash on network transfer?

Chris Lynch tsw at one.net
Fri Dec 31 18:37:08 UTC 2004

So I tried this while doing the transfer, had my box sitting on the terminal
and couldn't get any of those keys to work.  The lights aren't flashing on
my keyboard, but unfortunately none of commands below seemed to have any

When the machine froze up, some output automatically went to the screen
saying there was a double fault.  None of this went to /var/log/messages and
I'm not sure if there's another place errors like this would go.

The only two devices sharing an interrupt are my SB Live card and my Nvidia
video card.  I don't know if this could be related, but other devices are
all on their own IRQ.

Thanks again for the help and suggestions.


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On Wed, 2004-12-29 at 06:22 -0800, Chris Lynch wrote:
> Hello all,
> Hopefully someone can give me some ideas, as this is driving me crazy.
> I'm running FC3 and installed per Jarod's instructions and I've got 
> this nagging problem.  Whenever I transfer files on my local network 
> to/from the box, it crashes dead in its tracks.  I can SSH/browse/wget 
> on the box without issue - it seems to only happen when I transfer a 
> file that takes a lot of bandwidth (things that do less than a few 
> megs per second don't seem to cause the issue to happen).  At first, I 
> thought, it must be the network card so tonight I put in a DLink 
> Gigabit card (DGE-530T) and got the same results.  So any time I try 
> to use another frontend/machine to watch movies on that box I get a 
> hard crash...

How did it crash. Do the keyboard lights flash?

Change /etc/sysctl.conf, set kernel.sysreq to with this line:

	kernel.sysreq = 1

this will set sysreq on during reboots. Do this to turn it on now without a

	echo 1 > /proc/sys/kernel/sysreq

Next time it happens try pressing one of these keys to see what is
happening. (I use p and t often)


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