[mythtv-users] Choppy playback on remote frontend only - 2 sec prebuffering pause

Rudy Zijlstra mythtv at edsons.demon.nl
Fri Dec 31 16:49:49 UTC 2004

Bob Wiegand wrote:

>>Up to this point I've been running frontend and backend on the same
>>machine, RH9 with a PVR350 and 250. I finally have setup another machine
>>to be a frontend. The playback on the new frontend pauses every 2
>>seconds for prebuffering in both LiveTV and recording playback, yet they
>>play fine on the combo frontend/backend.
>Are the files stored on the backend machine?
>I've had similar problems that seem to be due to poor NFS performance.
>If I share the drive using Samba it works - with NFS it doesn't.
In that case, take a look at your network config. Such problems point 
towards network config problems. Those can range from wrong options used 
for nfs to faulty cables.


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