[mythtv-users] bobdeint as output filter?

Joe Barnhart joebarnhart at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 31 15:04:18 UTC 2004

--- Kyle Rose <krose+mythtv at krose.org> wrote:
> FWIW, switching to using Bob as the deinterlacer set
> in that special
> control has also fixed the weird speed pulsing
> problem I was having
> with the new ffmpeg code.  And it looks *beautiful*.

Wait...  A little clarification here please...

Are you guys saying we need to set Bob in TWO places
to make this work?  I know about the "bob" setting in
the "deinterlace" box, but do I also name "bobdeint"
below in the special filters section?  Is this why
1080i and 720p playback looks so sub-optimal on my
native 1080i HDTV set?

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