[mythtv-users] FC3 and module auto-load how-to

David Rees drees at greenhydrant.com
Fri Dec 31 09:51:19 UTC 2004

 From what I can tell the best way to get modules like ivtv and 
lirc_serial to load at boot time, is to edit /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit, go to 
line 151 and modify the line other="" to contain the modules you want to 
load at boot time.

On my system, the line looks like this:

other="ivtv lirc_serial"

This loads ivtv and lirc_serial for me.  My /etc/modprobe.conf has the 
following to get ivtv and lirc_serial initialized properly:

# Begin IVTV portion
alias char-major-81     videodev
# For All Tuners (0,1)
alias char-major-81-0   ivtv
alias char-major-81-1   ivtv
install ivtv /sbin/modprobe v4l1-compat && \
	/sbin/modprobe msp3400-ivtv && \
	/sbin/modprobe --ignore-install ivtv
# End IVTV portion
# Begin lirc portion
install lirc_serial /bin/setserial /dev/ttyS0 uart none && 
/sbin/modprobe --ignore-install lirc_serial
alias char-major-61 lirc_serial
options lirc_serial io=0x3f8 irq=4
# End lirc portion

Hope this helps.



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