[mythtv-users] DVD ISO Playback

James L. Paul james at mauibay.net
Fri Dec 31 05:00:36 UTC 2004

jking at xenixsolutions.com wrote:
> Hi Bryan,
> Try this and let me know how it works.
> - Jon
> #!/bin/bash
> # iso file is parameter so use "playvid %s " as mythtv play command
> mountdir="/mnt/dvdiso/"
> ext=${1:(-3)}
> #ext=${file##*.}
> #ext=$(ls $1 | grep '\.ext');
> if [ "$ext" = "ISO" ] || [ "$ext" = "iso" ]; then
>         sudo mount -o loop -t udf "$1" $mountdir
>         xine -pfhq --no-splash dvd://$mountdir
>         sudo umount $mountdir
> else
>         mplayer -ao alsa -fs -zoom -quiet -vo x11 "$1"
> fi

This is a neat script, but I'm not sure why you go through the bother of 
creating, mounting and unmounting a loopback device. Xine needs to treat 
the file as a device, the OS doesn't. So just tell xine it's a device.

>>Is anyone using Xine to playback a DVD ISO from hard drive?  What
>>command are you using?  Any special scripts involved?

As I said, no fancy script. I set xine to use /opt/myth/xinedvd for the 
dvd device. A simplified player command I use is:

ln -sf movie.iso /opt/myth/xinedvd ; xine dvd:/

To play a real dvd, I just symlink the hardware:

ln -sf /dev/dvd ; xine dvd:/

It works for me. :)

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