[mythtv-users] How to roll the database back from CVS to .16 release?

Ivor Hewitt ivor at ivor.org
Fri Dec 31 03:37:18 UTC 2004

On Friday 31 Dec 2004 02:30, William wrote:
> Since the developers have abandoned all of us who are still running FC1 I
> am forced to roll my system back to the .16 release from CVS. My cvs copy
> is currently very buggy and crashy and I have no way to upgrade it any
> further (the cvs now requires qt3.2 as a minimum).
Just replace the calls to executedQuery with calls to lastQuery in your 
programinfo.cpp then.

"developers have abandoned all of us"
"is currently very buggy and crashy"
"cvs now requires qt3.2"

Perhaps making less alarmist announcements in -users would be sensible too.

CVS is development code, if you are unprepared for the work that goes into 
using development code don't use it.

Ivor Hewitt.
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