[mythtv-users] Choppy playback on remote frontend only - 2 sec prebuffering pause

James Pifer jep at obrien-pifer.com
Fri Dec 31 03:17:02 UTC 2004

Up to this point I've been running frontend and backend on the same
machine, RH9 with a PVR350 and 250. I finally have setup another machine
to be a frontend. The playback on the new frontend pauses every 2
seconds for prebuffering in both LiveTV and recording playback, yet they
play fine on the combo frontend/backend. By searching the archives I was
able to clean up the audio by turning on "Extra audio buffering", but I
still get the 2 second pause. I've also tried enabling a few other
things without any change, such as Enable Xv picture controls (not
really sure what that does). It looks like Xv is being used.  

>From reading the archives it seems that the data is possibly not getting
there fast enough. Both machines are hooked up to the same 10/100 switch
and both running at 100, so I don't really think that's the problem.

Both machines are running the exact same hardware, except the new
frontend has 512 meg of RAM and the combo frontend/backend has 1 gig.
Even so, nothing is being swapped to disk when running the new frontend.
The other major difference is that the new frontend is running FC3 and
the old one is running RH9. Could that be an issue?

Any other suggestions on what to try?


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