[mythtv-users] How to roll the database back from CVS to .16 release?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Fri Dec 31 02:48:41 UTC 2004

William wrote:

>Since the developers have abandoned all of us who are still running FC1 I am
>forced to roll my system back to the .16 release from CVS. My cvs copy is
>currently very buggy and crashy and I have no way to upgrade it any further
>(the cvs now requires qt3.2 as a minimum).
>My question is this. Will the database from my cvs (several hundred programs
>plus videos, schedules and music) work with the .16 release? I really dont
>want to lose all the info in the database. I know they changed a bunch of
>crap since the release but I am hoping it is still backwards compatible.
>Has anyone succeeded in going back to .16 and been able to keep the data?
>What did you have to do?
I'm sure you will get many comments on this, but where did you get the 
idea that qt3.2 is a requirement?  Perhaps someone checked in some code 
and didn't realize it didn't work on < qt3.2, but your appropriate 
action should then be to rollback your CVS version to one prior to that 
checkin and wait for the appropriate fix to be checked in.  CVS is, by 
nature, less stable and more fluid and so you have to take a bit of 
responsibility for understanding the risks you take by running it.  In 
an effort to fix the problem rather than complaining about it on -users, 
you might try starting with a CVS version around the 0.16 release and 
work your way up through the check-ins to find out where you problems 
start occuring (since you seem to have had a 0.16 release that worked 
well enough for you to want to revert back to it).  By doing this, you 
can identify the changes that caused the behavior in the first place and 
help the developers find the source of the problem you are experiencing.


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