[mythtv-users] Where does mythfrontend save its settings?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Fri Dec 31 02:44:24 UTC 2004

Nick Morrott wrote:

>I'm wondering where on the MythTV system the settings for the frontend GUI
>size/position etc are stored.
>Running mythfrontend and mythtvsetup under X on the PVR350 means the
>left-most portions of the screen are not visible and so I can't see either
>the checkboxes or text at the left hand side of the screen, meaning I can't
>tell which options are selected or not. Is it possible to have checkbox
>options "grey out" when not selected?
>The 350 runs at 720x576 (PAL) but the overscan means the edges are always
>off-screen when running X. So far changing the GUI height/width and offsets
>seems to make no difference at all to the positioning of the GUI (the GUI
>does seem to obey the new h/w dimensions though, just not the offset.) I'm
>running ivtv 0.3.2 with ivtvdev fb driver from the same release.
>Any help is always appreciated. and HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!
All frontend settings are stored in the database in the settings table 
(or other tables as appropriate).  Frontend specific settings should 
have the hostname of the frontend in the appropriate field so that 
multiple frontends can have different settings.


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