[mythtv-users] Need graphics+Tuner recommendations

Sim simon.hampton at freebel.net
Thu Dec 30 21:58:26 UTC 2004

I'm trying to work out what integrated graphics + tuner card to buy for a 
system I'm trying to set up with a small form factor.  I need a tuner on an 
AGP card so that I can use the PCI slot for a second tuner.  I also want to 
get DVI output for my LCD screen.

I've put full details of what I've learned (from scratch) on 
http://users.pandora.be/sim/linux/pvr.html but getting the right video card 
(and then finding it online in Belgium) is where I am not sure.  I don't 
think I need much graphics power - Myth will be the only application running.

I know the PVR350 has TV-out but it sounds tought to get configured, so I was 
erring towards a nVidia solution, as they have generally been good to Linux.  
But FX, MX, GFroce 2 or 4, ... leave me confused.  ATI-based products also 
seem widely available online, but are these even supported by Linux?


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