[mythtv-users] Hello everyone (MythTV noob)

Paul Kidwell tmb at ieee.org
Thu Dec 30 18:11:36 UTC 2004

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> From: Dan wolf
> I am hesitant, however, to ask all my very basic questions.  I know
> some of the basics and all about the Linux community (thanks,
> Slashdot).  Pretty much all I know is ls, cd, chmod, and vim (don't
> know how to use it though).  I know newbie's can be a pain in the ass
> and the last thing I want to be is the cliché Linux noob.  Anyway, hi.
> Regards,
> Dan Wolf

Hi Dan,

Welcome to the pool, dive on in, the water's warm :)

Prior to setting up my MythTV box, my total Linux experience amounted to
stuffing a Knoppix cd into my PC, booting, and saying "Oh, so this is Linux".
Then downloading Mandrake, Installing it, booting, and saying "Hey! It's got

It took me one month to get my MythTV box fully up and running. I started out
using a PVR-250 and a PVR-350 with the intent of using the '350s TV out. (I
finally gave up on that and got a TView Micro to convert the VGA output directly
to S-Video)

I have a fairly good broadband connection (3 Mega baud) so any time things went
wrong I'd wipe the hard drive and start over. (I had Jarod's guide almost
memorized by the time I was done)

All I can say is that it was worth the effort.

A couple hints I can give you...

The title for Jarod's guide is wrong, it's actually "The Gospel According to
Jarod". Treat it as such.

If you see the words "It may be a good idea to..." what Jarod's actually saying
is "Thou Shalt..."

Jarod and Isaac could both use a donation.

Your number two reference is the archive for this mailing list. If you have a
question, look there first.

If the archive doesn't help, then post here, but just say "X" don't work. You'll
get a better response by saying "I looked through the archive and found W, Y, Z,
and tried what they said, but I'm still getting "X".

That'll get you through a lot.


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