[mythtv-users] yum Dependancy

Alan Anderson andersonas at adelphia.net
Thu Dec 30 16:42:14 UTC 2004

Ok from memory, this is what I did.  (My memory has a few bad sectors 

Follow Jarods howto until you get to the point where the apt-get yum will 
fail due to dependencies, so I skip that step.  Also apt-get dist upgrade 
fails due to yum dependencies.

Then remove yum.

rpm -qa | grep yum
rpm -e yum-whatever

Then do the apt-get dist upgrade again.

# apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade    This should complete ok

At this point apt-get has been removed so I reinstall it.  Not sure how 
that happened.

# rpm -Uvh 

 From this point on it should work. and the kernel update is succesful.

Alan Anderson
andersonas at adelphia.net
Linux is user friendly.
Its just real picky about who its friends are.

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> Message: 1
> Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 14:38:42 -0700
> From: "myth at umich2.com" <myth at umich2.com>
> Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] Jarod's HOWTO for FC3/PVR-350/X - Please
> 	Take	Offline
> To: Discussion about mythtv <mythtv-users at mythtv.org>
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> Michael J. Lynch wrote:
>>Here's my two cents worth.  As far as I'm concerned, Jarods guide is 
>>the bible
>>when it comes to installing and getting myth up and running.  I 
>>researched linux
>>PVR stuff for about a week before I found myth and Jarods guide.  I 
>>read the
>>guide over a couple of times and took the plunge.
>>I'm not a linux newbie but I'm not an expert either.  Using Jarod's 
>>guide, I was
>>able to install FC1 (it was a while back) and myth, configure 
>>everything and
>>have it all working in a period of maybe 6 hours.  I've used his guide 
>>for FC2
>>installs and have done it enough times now that I can install FC, myth,
>>configure and have a running system in about 3 hours.
>>I for one am grateful for Jarods guide and think he did an outstanding 
>>job with
>>it.  The only thing that would make it even better would be if there 
>>was a link
>>on the site to a kickstart to use to install the whole works from the 
>>ground up.
>>Then about all his instructions would need to say would be:
>>   Download kickstart.
>>   Boot linux install aiming at kickstart floppy.
>>   Come back later when it's done.
>>Obviously it wouldn't be that easy, but pretty close.  :-)
>>Jack Trout wrote:
>>>Well helping to fix the problem is great, but shutting it down doesnt
>>>help, Maybe Jarod hasnt had time to update it I mean he only has a
>>>life away from mythtv, including a job, and a holiday season, but I am
>>>sure any positive input to how to fix it might be useful, but if he
>>>takes it down he might not get the info needed to finish the support.
>>>We are all very lucky that jarod was nice enough to even write
>>>anything down for people less linux or even technically inclined have
>>>something to guide them. How many people are good at writing step by
>>>step documentation especially in the higher ups in unix/linux. Someone
>>>with decent technical documentation skills is hard to come by and
>>>seeing he is giving up his time and effort for free (although he does
>>>accept donations). I consider myself on the lower middle of linux tech
>>>skill and google searching, but I was able to build my first myth box
>>>barely functional after about 4-5 days of solid work and even then It
>>>wasnt 100% functional. and with jarods guide and about 4 hours my
>>>first time I had a fully functioning and recording box.
>>>On Wed, 29 Dec 2004 09:26:38 -0800 (PST), Matt D. Robinson
>>><matt at aparity.com> wrote:
>>>>As I said before, I'm trying to help figure out what's broken.
>>>>If it can be fixed, then I'm all for it (and I'm doing rebuilds
>>>>now to try and see what happened).
>>>>I don't believe in "put up or shut up" -- if it's broken, someone
>>>>should say something, and people (including me) should try and help
>>>>fix it.  If open source and/or open project work revolved around
>>>>"put up or shut up" perspectives, much less would get done and
>>>>people would be afraid to give any feedback whatsoever.
>>>>Thanks for your enthusiastic response, however.
>>>>On Wed, 29 Dec 2004, Mike Matsuzaki wrote:
>>>>|>Hey, I got an idea.
>>>>|>Make your own Howto guide!
>>>>|>Jarod's guide has been a life-saving resource for many of us.  If you
>>>>|>have any better ideas where to start.  Put up or shut up.
>>>>mythtv-users mailing list
>>>>mythtv-users at mythtv.org
>>>>mythtv-users mailing list
>>>>mythtv-users at mythtv.org
> I haven't tried it yet, but this is supposed to come close to what you 
> are looking for...
> http://g-ding.tv/?q=node/6

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