[mythtv-users] Re: Components for my MythBox! :)

Andrew Close aclose at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 15:43:10 UTC 2004

On Thu, 30 Dec 2004 08:15:31 -0600, Andrew Close <aclose at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> i'm about to order up my components for my MythBox and found two
> drives that i'm interested in.  Newegg.com has a 300MB Seagate for
> $195.00 and a 300MB Maxtor for $199.00.  the Seagate is a 7200RPM
> drive while the Maxtor is a 5400RPM drive.  typically i would go for
> the 7200RPM for data transfer, but i've read several posts that the
> 5400 drives are more than adequate for a MythBox and they usually run
> cooler and quieter.  however, the Seagate has a 5 year warrenty while
> the Maxtor only has a 3 year warrenty; and i've never been impressed
> with Maxtor drives.  the only drive i've had fail on me was a Maxtor.
> first impressions... ;)
> so i know this is a somewhat religious/flamewar subject, but i'm
> curious as to what others would pick up if they were building a new
> box and they were choosing between these two drives.

one other question for everyone.  
i will be using a pvr-250 as my capture card and the onboard tv out
(s-video) on the motherboard (Chaintech 7NIF2 with nForce2 chipset).
i'm planning on going with an athlon XP proc, but what speed should i
get?  this box is going to be a dedicated MythBox (FE/BE until i get
my xBox set up as a frontend).  i'm only going to be viewing/capturing
NTSC cable.  i know the pvr-250 does all the encoding for me so i
don't need much power there.  eventually i plan on adding a couple
other capture cards (pvr-250's or pvr-500 when supported), but i'm not
sure how much more power is needed to support multiple capture cards.
prices on the procs available for this board range from ~$70 - ~$210. 
that's a range of 1.8GHz to 3.3GHz over three different cores
(Thorton, Thoroughbred, Barton).
any thoughts?

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