[mythtv-users] Re: Jarod's HOWTO for FC3/PVR-350/X - Please Keep Online

David Smith rdsmith at pobox.com
Thu Dec 30 14:45:53 UTC 2004

At 07:51 AM 12/30/2004, you wrote:
>On Wed, Dec 29, 2004 at 10:53:56AM -0800, Jarod Wilson wrote:
> > Take another look at that page. I already added something at the top
> > yesterday afternoon that says "350 output may be tanked under FC3".
> > That said, my FC3 Myth box works just fine, I just haven't had time to
> > try 350 output lately.
>I use my mythbox daily, running FC3 with 350 output, and 0 problems on
>the frontend (backend issues aren't related to this discussion).
>[mythtv]$ rpm -qa | grep -i ivtv
>[mythtv]$ uname -a
>Linux murder.peeron.com 2.6.8-1.521 #1 Mon Aug 16 09:01:18 EDT 2004 i686 
>i686 i386 GNU/Linux
>If there's any other info I can provide that might be helpful, please
>let me know.

The problem most of us are having can be traced back to the 2.6.9 
kernels.  I believe there were a number of kernel changes related to the 
framebuffer that cause issues with the packaged ivtv 0.1.0 and 0.2.0.  The 
2.6.8-1.521 kernel appears to be the last packaged kernel that Jarod's 
guide works well against.  However, the older kernels are no longer 
available (at least that I can find) and ivtv development hasn't caught up 
with newer packaged kernels.  Well, maybe in CVS it has.

For those of us that would prefer to use packaged installs, does anyone 
know where the older kernel packages can be found?
Maybe someone would be willing to put up the 2.6.8-1.521 kernels and the 
kernel-module-ivtv-2.6.8-1.521-0.2.0-55_rc2j.rhfc2.at on a torrent?
This could resolve a lot the recent FC3/PVR-350 mail traffic until 
development catches up.

Thanks, to all that contribute and make this a worthwhile project.


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