[mythtv-users] Backend fails to report scheduled recordings

Dan Boger mythtv at peeron.com
Thu Dec 30 14:11:19 UTC 2004

Running into a problem that got me pretty stumped.  My backend
(mythtv-suite-0.16-44.at) seems to be working ok.  Playing back
recordings, watching liveTV, no issue.  But whenever I try to view the
upcoming recordings (from the frontend, from mythweb, or from
printsched), it just dies.  It still seems to record (if I didn't let it
stay dead), but I can't view the schedule?

I did restart it last night with all logging turned on, and I can see in
the logfile that it does show the printsched section correctly.  So
what might be causing the problem?

My setup:
- PIII 450MHz with 256M Ram as the dedicated master backend/TV frontend,
  with a PVR350, recording to an NFS share (about 20G free out of about
  800G LVM).
- P3 1.7GHz with 512M Ram as a slave backend with a PVR250.  It's a
  slave because it does many other things.
- P4 3GHz with 1G Ram as a sometimes frontend with a Radeon x800 card.
  (my desktop).

Any other info I can provide that might help figure this out?  The
backend crashing, and not being able to review the schedule is really
eating into the WAF, which was very high until this problem started
manifesting itself.

Any help would be very appriciated!


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