[mythtv-users] Re: New Australian XMLTV grabber

William Uther willu.mailingLists at cse.unsw.edu.au
Thu Dec 30 10:46:21 UTC 2004

   I was just looking at the ninemsn XMLTV grabber that was posted 
recently.  It gives output like this:

   <programme start="20041230003000 +1100" stop="20041230013000 +1100" 
     <title>Mutant X</title>

whereas the D1.com XMLTV grabber gives this:

   <programme start="20041230003000 +1000" stop="20041230013000 +1000" 
     <title lang="en">Mutant X</title>

It seems that they've grabbed with different time zones.  The d1.com 
XML is the non-daylight Sydney time zone.  The ninemsn XML is the 
current daylight Sydney time zone.

I would normally have chosen +1100 time zone, but the +1000 time zone 
data is currently working correctly.  Have others switched to the 
ninemsn grabber.  What time zone do they have?  Is it working?
Is the latest version of this script online somewhere so I can make 
sure I have it?
I assume that mythtv doesn't get confused if I just swap the new 
tv_grab_au in.

Thanks for any help,

Will           :-}

P.S. What happened in the discussions with the OzTivo people about 
guide information?  Where are those discussions going on - I couldn't 
find them.

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