[mythtv-users] mythphone questions

myth at umich2.com myth at umich2.com
Thu Dec 30 06:11:48 UTC 2004

I found an old webcam (D-Link DSB-C100 CPiA chipset), but I this message 
when I fire-up mythphone

Webcam does not support YUV420P, YUV422P, or RGB24 modes; these are the 
ony ones currently supported. Closing webcam.

The camera works in xawtv. Anyway to work around this? I am using 
mythphone from atrpms stable.

Also, I don't think this is mythphone related, but I can't get my mic 
working. On my main soundcard (SB Audigy) I can hear the mic through the 
speakers, but in the setup it says I can't use the same sound device for 
the mic. I plugged it into my onboard mic port, but I don't get any 
sound. Both /dev/dsp0 & 1 are chmoded 666. Anybody have any ideas?


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