[mythtv-users] Getting a new motherboard...

Carlos Fernandez Sanz cfs-myth at nisupu.com
Wed Dec 29 23:30:39 UTC 2004


After spending a few days trying to make my Asus P4P800S (Intel 848P 
chipset) work with my PVR-350 I give up. The tuner just won't work. I'm 
sure someone more skilled than I would be able to make it happen but ...

Anyway, I installed a XP in that box just to make sure the hardware 
wasn't the problem. I wouldn't work either until I installed the 
motherboard chipset drivers - everything started to work. Since I don't 
know how to do the same thing in Linux, I have decided to replace the 
mobo with one that is more tested.

So the question is simple: If you were to buy a motherboard for mythtv 
(only use) to use with these cards:

DVB-S (Nesus)

I've searched the database but most people is using Shuttle's which are 
no good for me since I need plenty of PCI lots (plus I already have a 
nice HTPC case).

Athlon or P4 is no problem.

I'm sorry my frustration is evident in this email.


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