[mythtv-users] menu speed

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Wed Dec 29 21:50:22 UTC 2004

Paul Miller wrote:

>On Wednesday 29 December 2004 2:43 pm, Kevin Kuphal wrote:
>>The graphics card is very important. You haven't mentioned what
>>kind of hardware you're using other than the relatively slow
>>P2-450.  Please post your specs, driver versions, etc. related to
>>your video hardware.
>I don't see how the graphics adaptor makes a significant difference 
>when I'm only navigating the menus -- not watching tv or a dvd.
>The computer I'm testing mythtv on is a p2-450 (386 MB) with a nVidia 
>RIVA TNT2 (32 MB) graphics adaptor.  I'm running XFree86 4.3.0 from 
>Debian's current sid distribution with the nv driver.  This box acts 
>as a small server and I never intended on using it with mythtv.  I'm 
>just using it to test mythtv while I'm home for the holidays.
>In a week or so, I'm switching to another computer.  It's a p3-800 
>(512 MB) with an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro AIW (128 MB) and I'll probably 
>use ATI's binary driver with the same version of XFree86.  I have a 
>PVR-500 on order and I'm hoping to use a DVI->HDMI cable to connect 
>to my HDTV.
That does seem like "lightweight" hardware for running this kind of 
system, but that being said I have a P3-450 + GeForce 4 MX440 that I use 
as a frontend that has none of the performance problems you're seeing so 
I'm suspecting that you are running fairly unoptimtized.  The graphics 
card certainly matters even for the menus.

If you start mythfrontend from a console window with --verbose all 
enabled, what kind of messages do you see?  Have you done xvinfo?  What 
output does that show?


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