[mythtv-users] menu speed

Paul Miller paul at pinheiro.dyndns.org
Wed Dec 29 20:29:25 UTC 2004

I just tried mythtv with no window manager and I did notice a slight 
improvement, but it is still quite a bit slower than I'd like...

Going through the program guide is very slow.

Launching the weather plugin takes about 20 seconds and another 10 
seconds for retrieving the weather data.

How much does the graphics card effect performance for menu-only 
functions (no tv, dvd, etc.)?   The menus display quickly, but take 
awhile to switch to another menu.


On Wednesday 29 December 2004 10:05 am, Tom Dombrosky wrote:
> You might want to try a lighter window manager.  I use fluxbox on
> my Myth frontend and it works great.  It doesn't have a lot of the
> bloat that kde has.  It might help you if kde is using up all your
> memory.
> Tom

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