[mythtv-users] menu speed

Paul Miller paul at pinheiro.dyndns.org
Wed Dec 29 17:46:50 UTC 2004

Plastik at 1024x768...  everything is local.  I would like to be able 
to hold the arrow down/right button and rapidly scroll through the tv 
listings.  Right now, it takes about 0.5-1.5 seconds to move the 
selection box, 1-3 seconds to move down past the end of a page, and 
2-7 seconds to move right past the end of the page.  I think it's 
much slower than TiVo on my p2-450MHz...


On Wednesday 29 December 2004 3:19 am, Herman Kuiper wrote:
> > I turned off the transparencies and changed the draw method from
> > Fill to None, and did not notice any difference in response time.
> What resolution are you running on, and with what theme? There was
> a thread recently that some themes have rather huge memory
> requirements when not running in the default resolution.
> Also, I'm running over NFS, and found that the number of stat calls
> for theme files was slowing down the menus quite a bit...
>  Herman
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