[mythtv-users] WinFast Leadtek PVR2000 questions

Tomas Roos tomas.roos at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 14:29:24 UTC 2004


I have a few questions.

I recently bought a Leadtek WinFast PVR2000 card to replace my 4 year
old Hauppage card.

I am using the SVideo/Composite for capturing video so I do not use
the Tuner in any way.
The card works with the cx88xx driver. I get a color picture in xawtv
so there is no problem there.

1. Will mpeg2 hardware capture work with MythTV? If so, how do I know
if it works?
2. How do I setup hardware mpeg2 capture in MythTV for this card?
3. Sound is no problem since I have two soundcards but will the
passthrough work on this card?
4. Will the built in IR work? How do I set it up? (I have an external
serial tekram setup right now if this doesn't work)

Apart from these questions. If anyone has a good source of information
regarding this card except the v4l pages and mailinglists I would be
very thankful.

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