[mythtv-users] OT: out of disk space, but not really....

James Pifer jep at obrien-pifer.com
Wed Dec 29 14:07:32 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-12-28 at 23:29, James Pifer wrote:
> I'm having a problem on my mythbackend box that I'm hoping someone can
> help me with. If I do a df the system is reporting that / is full. It's
> 160 gig drive and a du shows me this: 
> # du -h --max-depth=1
> 16K     ./lost+found
> 5.6M    ./boot
> 420K    ./dev
> du: `./proc/3699/fd/4': No such file or directory
> 5.0K    ./proc
> 797M    ./var
> 156K    ./tmp
> 17M     ./etc
> 832K    ./root
> 2.6G    ./usr
> 12M     ./sbin
> 4.7M    ./bin
> 536K    ./home
> 4.0K    ./initrd
> 55M     ./lib
> 4.0K    ./opt
> 4.0K    ./misc
> 55M     ./install
> 4.0K    ./net
> 4.0K    ./.qt
> 54G     ./mythvideos
> This adds up to less than 60 gig. Any suggestions on troubleshooting
> this? I'm on Redhat 9. Any help is appreciated. 
> Thanks,
> James

Thanks to those who gave me some help on this. No real surprise, turns
out it really was out of space. I have a script that runs at night that
mounts an nfs drive on another machine and backs up my recordings. The
mount must have failed a couple nights ago, so everything was copied
locally instead of to the other machine. I "assumed" it was still
mounted so I ignored the /mnt/storage directory thinking it was on
another machine. 

I need to figure out how to tell my script to only rsync the files if
the mount worked correctly. Anyone know how to do that? My script is

mount /mnt/storage
rsync -av --delete --exclude=nice_names /mythtv/recordings
rsync -av --delete /mythtv/music /mnt/storage/mythtv
rsync -av --delete /mythvideos /mnt/storage/mythtv
umount /mnt/storage

I know with scp I could do it without mounting the drives, but I'd
rather use rsync. Anyway to do this without mounting the drives this

Thanks for all the help. 


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