[mythtv-users] Geforce cards giving me grief

Chris Germano netslayer at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 29 07:44:43 UTC 2004

Here's the deal with two of my geforce cards:

1. P4 1.8ghz box with love sources 2.6.7 on it running gentoo. I have Xorg 
6.7... installed.

-With my PCI geforce card and hacked 4363 2.6 drivers (official nvidia's 
hacked to work in 2.6) X will start but whenever I watch a recording I get 
mythfrontend 15% X: 20% cpu usage on playback. There is absolutely no 
reasoning for X using that much cpu and it's causing live tv to stutter 
because it doesn't have enough CPU power to record and playback.

-When I placed my AGP card in here X calmed back down to 2-3% or whatever 
and everything was perfect.

-I upgraded to the official 6111 nvidia driver through the ebuilds (glx and 
kernel) and X won't start when the PCI card is in there! Here is my Xorg 
output: http://paste.getlinuxhelp.org/376

2. AMD Athlon 2400XP+ with a mini shuttle box running gentoo and xorg 6.8
-Bought a new Geforce 4 4000 card AGP, stuck it in and when it's booting all 
ic through the tv out is black and white text. The screen can't even hold 
the picture signal lock. When the nvidia driver (official one through the 
ebuilds, prob 6111) the picture comes back and is perfect. I'm running 
through the Svideo out and i tried it through composite. This problem is 
only on boot -> X or whenever I switch to a terminal ie ctrl alt F2.. so 
whenever I leave X it screws up!! Ideas?

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