[mythtv-users] X won't display on PVR-350 (black screen)

Matthew R Mencel MR-Mencel at wiu.edu
Wed Dec 29 05:13:00 UTC 2004

After fighting with this new PVR-350 running on FC3 for quite awhile, I'm
finally down to the last few problems.  I can watch LiveTV now, but X does not
seem to want to display on the TV-Out.  All I get is a black screen on the TV. 
It looks in the logs like X is starting, but it just is not displaying anything.
 I'll post the relevant info from the Xorg.0.log and xorg.conf files.  Any help
is appreciated...


(II) IVTVDEV: driver for framebuffer: ivtv
(II) Primary Device is: PCI 02:00:0
(II) IVTVDEV(0): using default device
(II) Running in FRAMEBUFFER Mode
(**) IVTVDEV(0): Depth 24, (**) framebuffer bpp 32
(==) IVTVDEV(0): RGB weight 888
(==) IVTVDEV(0): Default visual is TrueColor
(==) IVTVDEV(0): Using gamma correction (1.0, 1.0, 1.0)
(II) IVTVDEV(0): Hardware: VESA VGA (vidmem: 6144k)
(II) IVTVDEV(0): Checking Modes against framebuffer device...
(II) IVTVDEV(0):        mode "720x480" ok
(II) IVTVDEV(0): Checking Modes against monitor...
(--) IVTVDEV(0): Virtual size is 1024x768 (pitch 1024)
(**) IVTVDEV(0):  Mode "720x480": 34.6 MHz (scaled from 0.0 MHz), 37.2 kHz, 73.9 Hz
(II) IVTVDEV(0): Modeline "720x480"   34.56  720 752 840 928  480 484 488 504
-hsync -vsync
(==) IVTVDEV(0): DPI set to (75, 75)
(II) Loading sub module "fb"
(II) LoadModule: "fb"
(II) Loading /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/libfb.a
(II) Module fb: vendor="X.Org Foundation"
        compiled for 6.8.1, module version = 1.0.0
        ABI class: X.Org ANSI C Emulation, version 0.2
(**) IVTVDEV(0): Using "Shadow Framebuffer"
(II) Loading sub module "shadow"
(II) LoadModule: "shadow"
(II) Loading /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/libshadow.a
(II) Module shadow: vendor="X.Org Foundation"
        compiled for 6.8.1, module version = 1.0.0
        ABI class: X.Org ANSI C Emulation, version 0.2
(--) Depth 24 pixmap format is 32 bpp
        bitsPerPixel=32, depth=24, defaultVisual=TrueColor
        mask: ff0000,ff00,ff, offset: 16,8,0
(EE) IVTVDEV(0): FBIOPAN_DISPLAY: Invalid argument
(==) IVTVDEV(0): Backing store disabled
(==) RandR enabled

Section "Monitor"
        Identifier  "NTSC Monitor"
        HorizSync  30-68
        VertRefresh 50-120
        Mode "720x480"
          # D: 34.563 MHz, H: 37.244 kHz, V: 73.897 Hz
          DotClock 34.564
          HTimings 720 752 840 928
          VTimings 480 484 488 504
          Flags    "-HSync" "-VSync"

Section "Device"
        Identifier  "Hauppauge PVR 350 iTVC15 Framebuffer"
        Driver      "ivtvdev"
        #Driver      "fbdev"

        ### change fb0 to whatever your card grabbed
        #Option      "fbdev" "/dev/fb1"
        Option      "ivtvdev" "/dev/fb1"
        ### change the BusID to whatever is reported by lspci, specify it as hex.
        BusID "PCI:1:0x8:0"

Section "Screen"
        Identifier  "Screen0"
        Device      "Hauppauge PVR 350 iTVC15 Framebuffer"
        Monitor     "NTSC Monitor"
        DefaultDepth 24
        DefaultFbbpp 32
        Subsection "Display"
          Depth 24
          FbBpp 32
          Modes "720x480"

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