[mythtv-users] OT: out of disk space, but not really....

johnny at fishcounts.com johnny at fishcounts.com
Wed Dec 29 04:38:43 UTC 2004

Does df say full? 


Johnny Lee

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I'm having a problem on my mythbackend box that I'm hoping someone can
help me with. If I do a df the system is reporting that / is full. It's
160 gig drive and a du shows me this: 

# du -h --max-depth=1
16K     ./lost+found
5.6M    ./boot
420K    ./dev
du: `./proc/3699/fd/4': No such file or directory
5.0K    ./proc
797M    ./var
156K    ./tmp
17M     ./etc
832K    ./root
2.6G    ./usr
12M     ./sbin
4.7M    ./bin
536K    ./home
4.0K    ./initrd
55M     ./lib
4.0K    ./opt
4.0K    ./misc
55M     ./install
4.0K    ./net
4.0K    ./.qt
54G     ./mythvideos

This adds up to less than 60 gig. Any suggestions on troubleshooting
this? I'm on Redhat 9. Any help is appreciated. 


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