[mythtv-users] $status parameter in Shutdown/Wakeup Settings

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 00:03:19 UTC 2004

In mythtvsetup --> general settings it lets you specify a startup
command to be "executed right after starting the BE". It also says
that a parameter called $status will be set to 'auto' if the machine
is started automatically or 'user' if a use switched it on.

I havd a frontend and backend on the same machine. I want to use this
setting to write 'auto' or 'user' to a file so that my mythfrontend
startup script can check whether it should start the frontend or not,
so I have set the Startup Command to:
         echo $status > /tmp/mythstartupsts.log

If the file says 'auto' my the frontend won't start so the auto
shutdown can work as there's no frontend connected. If it's 'user' it
will start the frontend.

Problem is that when the machine automatically started itself using
nvram-wakeup the parameter was 'user'. Am I misunderstanding how this
should work? Has anyone got any ideas about what I may have done wrong


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