[mythtv-users] Consecutive programs, dual tuners

Martin Brown Martin.Brown at macquarie.com
Tue Dec 28 21:40:46 UTC 2004

Thanks to all who have spoken up about this behaviour. If I can summarise:

With dual tuners and global pre/post program time buffers, MythTV will discard 
the global buffering for consecutive programs and record them both from the one 
card. For program specific pre/post buffering, however, this will be honoured 
and consecutive programs taken from different cards.

This seems very counter-intuitive to my thinking and I definitely want to try 
and "fix" it. A few ways I can think of:

1. When a card starts recording, switch the default card to the other one so 
that when the next recording starts (anytime), it uses the other card.

2. In the code, where the decision is made as to whether there is a program 
specific start/end buffer, also take into account the global start/end buffer.

3. Run some SQL occasionally to take the global buffers and apply them to all 
scheduled recordings as program specific buffers.

4. Manually, whenever you see two consecutive programs in your schedule, 
manually add a program specific pre/post buffer if you don't want program 

1 and 2 involve code changes and I'll see if I can work out what to change for 
that. 3 Is probably not too hard and doesn't involve a code change but a bit of 
a kludge. 4 is a pain in the neck.


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