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Tue Dec 28 20:22:02 UTC 2004

I'm a Linux Newbie too and have/had this same problem.  What I did was to use the RedHat 'up2date' tool do the updates.  It completed without errors, so I continued on with the next step after the APT-GET UPDATE step...   I'm assuming they basically do the same thing, but I'm probably wrong.  Did I royally screw up by doing the up2date?   If so, I'll start over again, but how do I get beyond the YAM dependency failure?  (Keep in mind that I don't know how to 'remove' a package from the update, so you'll have to tell walk me through it.)

The reason I ask is that I'm re-installing FC2 on my backend system that I got working Sunday, but I had mistakenly used GNOME (which led to some discrepencys from Jarod's guide).  More importantly, I was having issues with getting the 350's output to work properly -- I could get test video to go there, but liveTV went nowhere (just a blank screen), and to add insult to injury, I couldn't get out of 'livetv' once I selected it.  So I chose to start over from scratch.  

Also, you may notice that I only have 256MB on this box -- is that enough for a basic backend?  Or should I increase to 512MB?  
I setup my swap drive to be 512MB -- is that ok too even though I only have 256MB physical ram currently?  (I wanted to plan ahead...)

My current Backend+Frontend system specs (built from 'scraps' except for the PVR-350...)
Pentium III 866MHz
Nvidea Riva TNT2 (VGA out only)
256MB RamBus 800 Ram
PVR-350 (using for input only currently)
18GB U160 SCSI  10Krpm    (os & swap)
20GB ATA100 IDE 7200rpm  (temporary /video drive)


> At 8:12 AM -0800 12/28/04, Frostykev wrote:
> >Hello all, I'm starting to build my first MythTV
> >system.  Also a newbie to Linux.  I have searched the
> >archives with little success for this problem:
> >
> >after apt-get install apt yum
> >
> >I get a dependancy error, specifically:
> >
> >The following packages have unmet dependencies:
> >   yum: Depends: /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages but
> >it is not installable
> >        Depends: Requires: but it is not installable
> >E: Broken packages
> >
> >I tried re-loading Axels' kickstart, but no changes. 
> >
> >Any ideas?  How do I install python2.4, or did I miss
> >it in the initial fedora core 3 install?
> I was also getting this on an AMD64 system. Thanks to Axels' advice, 
> I had to remove all i386 modules, then remove yum. See my posts from 
> yesterday. I am a linux newbie too and had a lot of trouble. -Chuck-
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