[mythtv-users] PVR350 shows black bar near top of screen

Mighty Zorloc zorloc at gmail.com
Tue Dec 28 07:38:22 UTC 2004

I'm using the tvout of a newer PVR350 on what I hope to be my frontend
box.  Everything seems to work just fine and is stable, with one small
exception.  When watching (live or recorded) tv, after a minute or so
of watching a black bar appears near the top of the screen.  There is
a tiny portion of the TV image above the bar and a pixel or two on the
right.  If I engage some mythtv functionality (pause, FF, Rewind,
change channel, etc) the bar temporarily disappears.

I'm using

Mythtv 0.16
Xfree 4.3
ivtvdev_drv 0.7
ivtv 0.3.2a

I'm using ivtv-0.3.2a because in 0.2x the saa71xx driver would not
detect and display the image properly.  I had also tried the 0.4 and
0.6 version of the ivtvdev_drv.  And Xfree 4.4 -- but compiled with
Unichrome.  I've also tried Mythtv 0.16 with and without the patch
included with ivtv-0.3.2a.

Any advise on what to check?

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