[mythtv-users] X through PVR350 probs

Piers Kittel mythtv at biased.org
Mon Dec 27 20:48:20 UTC 2004

I have removed everything from the modules.conf that I added in and it 
works fine - both input and output is fine and in colour - fantastic 
thank you very much!

But... when I start MythTV, start displaying live TV, it's extremely 
jerky when taking in input via composite and outputting via composite as 
well (probably 2 fps max with tearing in the middle, coupled with 
slightly poor image quality) and "top" shows 80% to 100% cpu load - any 

Also I note a large bit of the desktop is cut off by the TV on all sides 
by quite a big margin - is this related?

Thanks very much for your help again

Cheers - Piers

John Harvey wrote:
> I would remove all the options in that case.
> I don't have any and my X starts up in PAL mode properly. So I would start
> with that.
> One of these old options may well be causing some bad side effect.
> For some reason the 7127 is selecting NTSC playback
>>saa7127: Selecting NTSC video Standard
> So that is your problem. 
> John

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