[mythtv-users] Cable Video on Demand and MythTV

Rob Rosenfeld mythtv.org at rosenfeld.to
Mon Dec 27 06:57:01 UTC 2004

Hey all,  I've got my Myth install pretty stable and am looking to 
polish it off.  I'm in the US and have digital cable.  I'm using a 
PVR-250 and an IR blaster to capture s-video from the cable box. One of 
the features it offers is "Video on Demand".  I tune to one channel and 
pick from a list of movies that start when I select them.  To use it I 
need to interact with menus on my cable box.  This is difficult via 
Watch TV with the buffer delay. 

Has anyone out there got a MythTV config that deal with channels of this 

1)  Is there a "passthrough" mode where I can watch live cable input 
without the buffering?
2)  Is there a way I could have Myth interpret key presses differently 
when on certain channels?  For instance, when on 200 (HBO on Demand) the 
arrow keys are passed out the IR blaster to the cable box, but on 201 
(HBO), they are caught by MythTV as usual? 



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