[mythtv-users] 2 pvr350 but not able to record 2 shows at same time

dsred at gmx.de dsred at gmx.de
Sun Dec 26 21:05:26 UTC 2004

iīve got 2x pvr350 in a typical pc (athlon xp-m 2600+, sis748, 512mb ddr,
px-708,...) with debian and kernel 2.6.7.

after some work i got my system running mythtv (version 0.16) quite well but
it is not able to record 2 tv-shows at the same time (saying record is
conflicting ....).

i donīt understand this, because iīm able to watch picture-in-picture mode
without problem and can mannually record two streams at the same time (cat
/dev/video0 > test0.mpg, cat /dev/video1.....). so problem must be in setup
of mythtv but canīt find it.

someone kind of idea?

thanks for answering dsred

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